This survival prediction tool is specifically designed to be used to predict pancreatic cancer-specific survival for up to 10 years following the time of diagnosis of pancreas carcinoma. This tool also provides the 5-year conditional cancer-specific survival, which represents the dynamic change of the 5-year cancer-specific survival probability, given that a patient has already survived a given number of years. This tool is designed to be used by doctors only. It is not intended to substitute for individual patient management plans developed by a doctor with personal knowledge of the patient. The tool should not be accessed by patients on their own.

It should be noted that this calculator was developed as a statistical model using the population-based SEER database with 25,453 patients diagnosed with pancreatic carcinoma and is well-calibrated. It is subject to limitations known to the SEER registry cohort and should only be used as a general guide for individual patient estimates. This tool was created exclusively for physician use.

Patients should contact their own physician for information regarding their personal cancer history. MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) makes no warranties and is not responsible whatsoever for the accuracy, validity, completeness of the information generated from this tool. MDACC does not collect any user information nor contact users indirectly or directly.

Please read the disclaimer and understand the limitations of this tool. If you agree with its terms of use, please click the Agree button below to assess the tool, otherwise you will be redirected to MDACC website.